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Monday, March 22, 2010

Mayor John Gray inflames the MBA Rage…again!

“Eye on City Hall”

A column of Information, Analysis, Comment, and unfiltered opinion
Bill Longworth, City Hall Reporter
March 22, 2010

Mayor John Gray’s refusal at the March 8, 2010, City Council Meeting to allow further discussion on the MBA funding issue by calling a motion “out of order” to have city politicians reimburse city coffers $46,000 for their collective failure to stop Gray’s irresponsible and irrational MBA funding for Councillor April Cullen and his executive assistant, James Anderson, has once again ignited rage across the city and has been the subject of discussion in media coverage across the country.

John Gray obviously believes in the city motto, “Prepare to be amazed” and his “amazing” actions have made him and our city council the subject of national ridicule.

Canadians right across the country are certainly becoming amazed at the irresponsibility and the sense of entitlement of Gray and his self-serving council. He must feel so secure in his position that he doesn’t give a damn what he does to the public---even in the face of an upcoming election!

Council Members must feel equally secure in their positions to let this kind of bulls—t slide through with nary a whisper knowing that past history with the self-serving General Vote that they swung on the people lets them hide in the weeds of “name recognition” and shields them from electoral defeat.

Never before with Oshawa’s General Vote history prior to 1985 had any politician lost their seat through the general vote. But never before have we had such a politically incompetent mayor and council.

This ridicule focused on city council will certainly extend to city voters if they do not remove this Mayor and his band of incompetents, shysters, tricksters and free-loaders from control of our Civic public purse. We have had too much of their snorting at the pig trough at our expense!

The Toronto Star and Toronto Sun Oshawa MBA stories have been picked up by the national news agencies and published across the country.

Such widespread publication of this story documents the public interest in the extreme feelings of entitlement of this city council in using our tax monies for their own benefit rather than the benefit of the city.

There is such extreme national and international interest in this MBA story that a Google search using the words “Oshawa,” “Mayor,” and “MBA” will turn up 106,000 references as of the date of writing this column.

I was surprised to see an item in the “Leader Daily”, a free paper distributed at sky train locations for commuters into Vancouver where I am working as an Olympics/Paralympics Volunteer. Hundreds of thousands of Vancouver commuters all saw the same item that caught my eye—“Paid MBA not a free ride: political staffer,” which documented Mayor John Gray’s and his political sidekick, John Anderson’s, assertions that Anderson forfeited $36,000 of city pension contributions in exchange for his $23,000 MBA funding---a deal negotiated by Gray who thus took credit for saving the city $13,000.

Gray advanced this justification for funding the MBA tuitions at the Feb. 22, 2010 City Council Meeting

Gray’s gloating, however, proved to be an outright lie used in attempting to defuse the situation, a theory supported by Gray’s (and the city’s) refusal to make Anderson’s MBA funding agreement public in response to citizen “Freedom of Information” requests that have been lodged.

This refusal to release the document even questions the existence of any contract or agreement.

Gray’s statements were investigated by private citizens who discovered such agreements were an impossibility as Anderson didn’t qualify for any pension without giant time buybacks which did not require matching paybacks from the city.

When this information was publicized, Gray then said that his earlier statements were in “error.” I say Gray knew his words were an outright lie designed to mislead the public.

The outright “lie theory” is also supported by Gray’s use of the “lie strategy” in the past.

He claimed for public consumption on the televised council meeting in his preamble before final voting to adopt the general vote that city hall had no responsibility to communicate details of the plebiscite question to voters.

As I had just made a presentation pleading to council not to adopt the general vote, he said the communication responsibility was not the city’s but was the responsibility of citizens like me.

This was an outright lie as he would have known that “Third Party” citizen campaigns were against Ontario Elections Law which gives municipality’s unfettered ability and thus responsibility to fund such plebiscite information campaigns. You can view John Gray making this statement at http://www.motionbox.com/videos/4c9fdcb41510e6c3.

The other strategy used is secrecy and stonewalling, despite him gloating earlier on a transparency and accountability bylaw passed and signed by all councillors.

Gray not only refused to divulge the Anderson MBA contract, he says he negotiated, but also refused to disclose the $40,000 expenditure he personally approved for his personal birthday party dubbed the “Stephen Colbert Day.”

This information was not even available to our elected councillors until a $100 Freedom of Information Request was filed.

So much for the transparency and accountability policy the mayor personally wheeled out with great fanfare. It’s just pretty “Political Words” tarnished beyond recognition by his and council’s actions.

This whole issue leads to many unanswered questions about the agreement and about the integrity of Mayor John Gray and James Anderson.

Was this a verbal or a written agreement? If verbal only, what business acumen does this show about the Mayor? After all, this is a contract according to the Mayor that saved the city from paying $33,000 from Anderson’s pension. If the contract was written, dated, and witnessed, it must be made public. Failure to disclose the contract to the public will only lead to continued public speculation and anger.

Voters will rightly begin to speculate on the honesty of the mayor and whether the story about the pension payment savings to the city was a blatant lie “crafted” by Gray and Anderson to resolve the issue to public satisfaction.

Freedom of Information requests to disclose the Gray/Anderson MBA contract have so far been refused leading to speculation that:
a) There is no contract suggesting the tuition was an unconditional gift of taxpayer money.
b) The issue of foregoing pension plan paybacks for Anderson was never discussed and has only surfaced recently to appease public inquiries.
c) Was a city form used and the funding ceilings identified on the form superseded on the form or did the mayor draft up his own contract for the funding?
d) If there was a contract, was it properly drafted by the city legal department?
e) Where and how is the money identified in the city financial records?
f) At what point and in what way were the details of the MBA funding communicated to council?
g) Is there any record on council discussion on this matter after they learned the Mayor had personally gifted the funds?
h) What was the timeline in the approvals of both Anderson’s and Cullen’s tuitions?
i) What were the conditions of tuition payback when Anderson left his position if the Mayor was not re-elected?
You can undoubtedly devise many additional sensitive questions upon close examination.

The most important question though is, “Why did no politician SCREAM about this issue before it was made public by private citizens?”

But let us speculate that the whole idea of the pension payback was a lie perpetrated by Mayor John Gray and his executive assistant.

It would not be the first serious misinformation campaign perpetrated on the people by John Gray. His whole rationale for council’s failure to communicate the ward system plebiscite details to the public was a response to my criticism that the people had not been properly informed. What did Gray do in light of this criticism? He floated the giant lie, “The city had no responsibility---that was up to citizen’s themselves!”

This kind of statement demonstrates that Gray believes that the council need not communicate to the public. Nor should it be self policing---all is a public responsibility….Amazing!

As citizen Alan Slater wrote in a letter to the editor published in a local paper last week, “The MBA issue will not be over until Election Day. If Mayor John Gray has any supporters left, will one of them inform him that the affair is definitely not closed. It will not be closed until the coming election when voters are reminded of his arrogance and lack of business judgement, which has helped Oshawa to become one of the highest taxed municipalities in the country.

Anyone who votes for him or any of his colleagues can expect more of the same abuse of power and disconnection from the realities of life in these hard times.”

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Are More Demolitions of City Facilities on the Horizon?

“Eye on City Hall”

A column of Information, Analysis, Comment, and unfiltered opinion
Bill Longworth, City Hall Reporter
March 15, 2010

Is the Mayor and city council preparing to demolish our network of twenty Neighborhood Association Clubhouses that have been centers for organized recreational youth hockey, soccer, and softball run by dedicated volunteers in Oshawa for over 60 years?

They are if reports surfacing from a recent OCCNA (Oshawa Central Committee of Neighborhood Associations) meeting are any indication. A recent OCCNA meeting was attended by a member the Provincial Government who stated that the Mayor and some of his councilors are planning to shut down any Neighborhood Association Clubhouse that is not handicap compliant by 2025.

A city official was quoted as saying that the city and the OCCNA need to be aware of legislation and work towards upgrading their clubhouses by this date. The source inferred that the city did not plan on funding any of the required upgrades, and instead, will simply bulldoze the facilities if the clubhouse members do not fundraise and complete the work themselves.

According to one key longtime clubhouse volunteer, the mayor and some councillors must be trying to get back at OCCNA groups for making sure there were no user fees for baseball and soccer fields and for opposing the closing of arenas. He says that some of Oshawa's municipal politicians just seem to try and think of any underhanded scheme to try and ruin the unique system that the OCCNA provides for sports to the children of this city.

These reports of the potential bulldozing of the OCCNA clubhouses are consistent with city council’s seeming desire to wipe out youth recreational activity through huge increases in facilities fees for swimming pools and ice pads putting costs beyond parent’s ability to pay.

This short-sighted city discouragement of youth activity is inconsistent with national concerns about child inactivity and obesity, and the future costs to our health care systems.

It is public knowledge that Mayor John Gray and his City Council of incompetents have already demolished North Oshawa Arena and Council Chambers and City Hall “A” Wing which they are replacing with an aluminum $20 Million "Beer Can" centering the traditional limestone buildings now encircling city hall square. The new council chamber will stick out like a sore thumb...and look cheap and temporary within the surrounding architecture.

They also have approved demolition of the Civic Auditorium in April and have disguised this demolition in news reports as “an exciting” rejuvenation project.

Note they have chosen the word rejuvenation carefully….like the “renewal and renovation” at city hall which was a $20 million money-wasting and unneeded demolition and rebuilding project.

You know also, of course, that studies are underway to demolish Harmon Park Arena and Children’s Arena.

A large part of the rationale for demolishing four out of Oshawa’s five arenas was a surplus of ice pads resulting from city hall’s approval to build the GM Centre whose operating losses cost taxpayers about $1 million annually ($3M when debt charges are included), the multi-pad Legend’s Centre, and also the city’s partial funding of the multi-pad ice complex on the university grounds.

After approving these projects, how can civic administrators now say that this recent overbuilding has given Oshawa a surplus of ice pads thus necessitating the demolition of the older but strategically placed skating and hockey facilities?

If these facilities needed some upgrading, as claimed, wouldn’t it have made sense spending a fraction of the capital costs of new projects on the upgradings?

I get the impression that city council is like a bull in a china shop. It just crashes ahead in an unthinking way and then looks for a rationale to support its decisions to the taxpaying public.

In the case of city hall rebuilding, for example, the reasons offered in turn were: 1) a leaking roof, 2) not handicapped accessible, and finally, 3) not energy efficient.

In truth, city hall was grasping at straws to support an unneeded and wasteful project at great cost to the taxpayer.

The first and second excuses were low cost maintenance items and the third (energy inefficiency) is a characteristic of every public and private building in the world that has been around for any length of time. Count the Parliament Buildings, The Louve, Buckingham Palace, and Washington's Capital Hill and Toronto "New" City Hall built about the same time as Oshawa's demolish council chamber probably inspired by Toronto's iconic city hall in this lot...but only the insane would ever contemplate demolishing any of them.

In fact Toronto preserved its "Old" City Hall built in 1899 which it bills as a showplace of history and exquisite craftsmanship. No such thinking with this city council bunch. They even allowed the demolition of Rundle House which was important enough to be featured on an city publication, "Historic Walking Tours of Downtown Oahawa."

We must put an end to this council and their “search and destroy” missions which are blowing up every city asset in sight.

Little wonder Oshawa suffers the highest taxes in the GTA and among the highest in the country.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Moving UOIT Students downtown is a giant mistake!

“Eye on City Hall”

A column of Information, Analysis, Comment, and unfiltered opinion
Bill Longworth, City Hall Reporter
March 8, 2010

I’ve heard of LBWA---“Leadership by walking” around which has some merit…but leadership by following the crowd and hoping for the best…never!

Leadership requires vision…not simply watching things happen and then trying to weave these happenings into some kind of coherent “plan” devised after the fact.

In his annual “state of the city address” on February 18, 2010, to about 150 city business and political leaders and city hall staffers, Mayor John Gray seemed to be looking at the city through rose coloured glasses taking credit for things far beyond his control, while taking bows for the General Motors Centre, which has a $3 million annual taxpayer loss, as being a catalyst for bringing the new Provincial Courthouse downtown, which in turn precipitated the move of UOIT and Durham College faculties and residences downtown---a carefully planned domino effect, he said!

"Last year, I stood before you,” Mayor John Grey spouted, “and pledged that within five years, the downtown would look and feel dramatically different than it had before. One year later, this pledge is soundly on its way to being realized."

The Mayor’s right! One year later, the downtown is starting to look and feel a lot different. The future of the downtown looks and feels a lot bleaker than it did just one year ago!

John Gray took credit for the GM Centre which he promoted for the downtown, and which presently has perpetual annual operating losses of $1 million plus debt servicing costs approximating $2 million, as the catalyst for downtown renewal. The losses to taxpayers are so significant that there are rumors the city will try to sell the GM Centre after the next election, and swallow the huge taxpayer losses.

But the Mayor’s “take” is different---“A planned ‘domino effect’ from the GM Centre was responsible for the Provincial Consolidated Courthouse,” the Mayor said, even though we all know this courthouse has been in the wind from almost the time the mayor was in diapers.

Then, he said, both created the thrust to attract our University to relocate some of its faculties downtown---first, the Education Faculty responsible for training teachers, and then, the College’s Legal Services Faculty responsible for training law clerks and such.

The Mayor spins such a teasing yarn! He should be in the spinning business!

The prime reason for the movement of these students downtown was not the GM Centre or even the Courthouse, but the availability of space that the university could get for a song.

Why was the space available? Because the downtown is dead, and businesses cannot survive there---and Civic Administration and the Politicians have not taken a lead in the development of the downtown. They seem to manage by walking behind.

They didn't take the initiative to lead downtown development by developing and implementing a feasible vision for a vibrant downtown. They managed by putting things to chance and hoped like hell that something worthwhile would happen.

The downtown invasion of UOIT/Durham College students will prove once again to be a mistake.

It offers only a quick fix to occupy vacant downtown spaces, at the same time as destroying opportunity for a longer term development of the downtown into a vibrant magnet for attracting quality shops, restaurants, and cultural institutions---a quality place to attract the adult population and their consumer dollars from far and wide to the Oshawa downtown.

Oshawa has the least attractive downtown from Kingston to Niagara Falls, and this is not going to change with the student invasion.

And if I were a student attending the University, I would be damn mad about being banished from the main campus with all its libraries, student facilities, and campus atmosphere, all of which is an important part of university attendance, learning, and growth. There is something special for serious students about the atmosphere of wandering the campus of academia, rather than walking the streets of a downtown.

So, I’ve claimed that overstocking the downtown with students is bad for the development of our downtown and a serious error by city council. Let me explain!

With a preponderance of students, most of whom are on low fixed budgets, the only kind of business that will thrive over the longer term are fast food joints, beer and jive dives, and oftentimes, groups of students raising hell. After all, students still do want to have boisterous fun and kick up their heels from time to time. That has not changed from the time you and I went to university.

But this is the very thing that will drive the adult population away, and in turn drive the higher class, higher priced, restaurants and shops out of the downtown.

The Mayor thinks these students will work wonders with downtown businesses. Good luck!

Wonder what he’s been drinking as he looks at Oshawa with those rose coloured glasses that gives him an unrealistic and unreasonable view of our city?

The influx of students downtown will also attract non-student youth to the downtown, and we will have a repeat of the serious problems of rowdy youth when we had the huge teen nightclubs in town that used to attract troublemakers from far and wide, necessitating huge police servicing costs.

Thank goodness, we finally got rid of this problem---for a while!

The mayor insists that it’s a great idea to fill the downtown Scotiabank building, the Alger Press Building, the Regent Theatre, the Genosha Hotel, and any other space that becomes available with students …

He thinks these students will work wonders with downtown businesses.

I think it’s a catastrophe!

And I think it demonstrates a weakness in John Gray’s long term vision for this city, and a real weakness in his analytical skills in failing to see something that is plainly visible to all.

But what more can we expect from this mayor whose judgement personally approves $40,000 of taxpayer money for funding the Stephen Colbert day (the mayor’s personal birthday party), and personally approves $46,000 of taxpayer money for MBA’s for his Executive Assistant and Councillor April Cullen, and who has “gone Hollywood” with taxpayer money with his bright yellow “boy toy” gas guzzling 426 HP sports car graffitied with his signature across the fender?

I have a very different vision for the city than Mayor John Gray who, by selling the Regent Theatre to the University, deprived the downtown of a potential cultural icon, and opened the floodgates to the student invasion.

My vision will be somewhat harder now to implement although it is something we still believe in.

As your future Mayor, I have an exciting vision for your downtown.

I have ideas about redirecting the one way traffic around the downtown four corners and creating landscaped walking malls and gardens on Simcoe Street from Bond Street to Athol, and on King Street from Centre Street to Mary.

I have also envisioned commissioning an international design contest to study our downtown streetscapes, to come up with a common design theme for the building facades, and then providing tax incentives for building owners to update their building street facades.

I have envisioned a pleasant place with strolling musicians, and art shows, and festivals over the summer.

I have plans to remove all downtown parking meters which presently keep people out of the downtown, and provide free downtown parking in all city parking lots perimeter to the downtown.

As for the vacant Alger Press Building, I had thought, before the University’s 30 year lease, that the old factory would have been a great site for the kinds of boutique warehouses created at Toronto’s Harbourfront, with space rented to artists and cultural groups and cottage industries with boutique clothing lines, and antique vendors. It was part of my plan to create a downtown that would be a magnet for the consuming Oshawa public, as well as those from out of town.

It’s only if we can attract people to our downtown that vibrant, high class, and profitable businesses will be attracted there.

Port Hope, Port Perry, and Cobourg are nearby neighbours that have vibrant downtowns. Why can’t we?

We need a mayor and city council that thinks “big,” and maybe then Oshawa will become more than “The Shwa.”

The planned domino effect the mayor said he planned is not quite the one that we will see following the October 25, 2010 municipal election.

At that time, citizens are planning to topple The Mayor and Oshawa City Council one-by-one…a domino effect indeed!

In the meantime, the Mayor continues to fiddle while Rome burns!

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Get those paws out of our cookie jar

“Eye on City Hall”

A column of Information, Analysis, Comment, and unfiltered opinion
Bill Longworth, City Hall Reporter
March 1, 2010

In close to 40 years of living in Oshawa, I cannot recall anything that has enraged the people as much as Mayor John Gray using our hard earned tax dollars for gifting MBA tuitions in the amount of $46,000 to Councillor April Cullen and his executive assistant, James Anderson.

No other wasteful or unjustified spending has created near the heat for the Mayor and his council---not the ludicrous ¼ million+ spent on the Cullen Gardens Miniatures, not the silly $40,000+ John Gray spent on his personal birthday party dubbed the Stephen Colbert Day, not the exorbitant 3 million dollar annual losses on the GM Centre, not the million+ lost on the Regent Theatre, not the ridiculous 20 million+ lost on the irresponsible and unneeded demolition and rebuilding of council chambers and city hall “A” wing and the complete refurbishment of Rundle Tower, not the planned and studied demolition of 80% of our indoor hockey arenas and their rebuilding in the newer and more expensive North End thus depriving less mobile children of hockey opportunity, not the disturbing demolition of historic Rundle House which was featured on a city brochure “Walking Tours of Oshawa”, not even the $40,000+ spent by the Mayor on his bright yellow 426 HP “boy toy” gas guzzling muscle car bought for him on the taxpayer’s dime.

The only issue coming close to the MBA issue is council giving us the highest taxes of all 25 municipalities in the GTA …and this high level of taxation is needed, of course, to fund these and all of the other unnecessary, irresponsible, wasteful and frivolous expenditures and political freebees at city hall.

Council’s actions demonstrate a supreme disrespect for citizen’s hard earned cash, and in many cases, a supreme feeling of entitlement city politicians feel with our cash.

At Council last Monday, both Councillors Brian Nicholson and Louise Parkes moved motions in respect of this despicable MBA funding.

Brian Nicholson, who recently argued on his facebook page that the rage arising from the MBA funding was “much ado about nothing,” proposed a motion (defeated) suggesting what’s done is done and cannot be undone (no tuition payback from Cullen and Anderson), making councilors ineligible to apply for funding under the City Hall Educational Reimbursement Policy (which sounds good, doesn’t it?), and suggesting all politicians to pay for publicly funded tuitions from their approximate $50,000 office budgets. This last suggestion from Nicholson would effectively hide future tuition payments from public scrutiny.

He wants to be able to fund education, perhaps his own, from the public purse, but wants to insure the public never finds out about it.

If Nicholson believes his office budgets could fund these tuitions, then his office budgets are too large and should be reduced!

But Nicholson's motion certainly illustrates that he doesn’t believe in an open, transparent, and accountable city council!

Louise Parkes, who didn’t utter a peep when she knew about the tuitions when they were first approved by Mayor John Gray, and didn’t utter a peep about the issue at a recent Finance and Administration Committee which she attended and which was the appropriate forum to discuss the matter after public controversy had arisen, saw a giant political opportunity had arisen, and rather than discuss the issue in committee with her political peers, saw great opportunity in exposing the issue to the Toronto Press and in presenting a multi-pronged motion to city council last Monday.

Parkes’ motion included a call for reimbursement from the tuition recipients (defeated) and a censure of Mayor John Gray for exceeding his authority in approving the tuitions (carried).

This is the same Councillor Louise Parkes who moved the motion to extend the eligibility of city politicians into the city’s Educational Reimbursement Policy in an Audit, Budget and Corporate Services Committee in the fall of 2006 and who had repeatedly voted to support it in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 city budgets.

What credibility does this councillor have to oppose it now that she sees political opportunity in the move?

If Councillor Parkes did not support the policy, why did she move the motion and vote for it on two occasions?

If Councillor Parkes thought the Mayor went beyond policy, why did she not raise that in 2008 and 2009?

If Councillor Parkes didn't think the money was well spent, why did she vote to support the expenditure in the first place?

If she didn’t like policy, why has she never sought to change it since first passing it in 2006? Such hypocrisy!

Even Councillor John Henry, who continues to brand himself a fiscal conservative, was at this meeting as a voting member and, he too, failed to bring up the issue for discussion.

You’d expect councillors to portray the same positions in committee as they portray for the general public in the much more public city council meetings.

All of the rhetoric, political ramblings, and political maneuvering aside---all address the wrong issues.

There are a number of legitimate questions having to do with this issue.

Why are we hearing all this fuss only when council has been caught with their paws in the cookie jar? It’s too late to give excuses and make accusations of wrongdoing only after being caught.

We expect our elected councilors and mayor to be steadfast in carrying out the public trust the citizens have placed in them. Citizens are sometimes asleep at the switch because they’ve elected councillors to keep awake.

Unfortunately we’ve been wrong.

It’s too late to catch things only after being caught by the public and every member of council has been derelict in their duties and have lost our trust. W

e need a city council that has the integrity, the honesty, and the smarts to do the job. We can’t have council members sneaking cookies from the jar every time they think we’re not looking.

All of the discussion at last Monday’s Council Meeting missed the mark.

It’s NOT about: 1) Who and how many people signed off on the approving the MBA funding, 2) Whether the money has to be repaid or not, 3) Whether the policy is right or wrong, 4) Whether the same conditions that apply to staff should apply to politicians, 5) Whether Mayor John Gray broke the policy, 6) Whether Mayor John Gray exceeded his authority in personally approving the MBA expenditures, 7) Whether Mayor John Gray is able as Oshawa CEO to do whatever he damn well pleases with our money, 8) or any other question that has popped up to defend or criticize the MBA funding for Councillor April Cullen and the Mayor’s Executive Assistant, James Anderson.

City politicians have this all wrong!

It all comes down to judgement and public trust.

Because Council or the Mayor can twist the rules to do something does not make it right!

The CORE ISSUES are: 1) The Mayor’s lack of good judgement in approving the MBA funding, 2) The audacity of April Cullen’s and James Anderson’s sense of entitlement in applying to have their expensive MBA degrees paid for by Oshawa taxpayers, and, 3) The lack of oversight by the rest of council in not protecting the public purse by protesting this expenditure from the very beginning long before it became public knowledge.

And to make things worse, City Officials, probably at the direction of the Mayor, have clammed up on this matter refusing to provide public information which has been requested by Freedom of Information Requests.

Public figures have learned time and time again that full disclosure reduces public comment while not releasing information fuels public speculation and controversy...but not in Oshawa where misrepresentation and deception and political entitlements seem to be the order of the day.

We’ve had enough of this gang! All city politicians have lost our public trust and must be removed!

We need lots of new blood at city hall!

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